We are a Christian non-profit organization with a ministry focused in Malawi, Africa. Our programs are driven locally by missionaries Trevor and Kasey Otto. Learn more about the Otto family by selecting the menu tab for their family above. Our mission is to minister to the needs of the people of Malawi in the name of Jesus Christ! 


We believe that we are called to deliver the gospel to the nations. A Lighted Path was formed in 2012 as a result of God's calling for us to share His good news, and show His relentness love in Malawi through us. We exhibit a culture of shared core values focused on building relationships as our guiding principles, actions, and community. We live and uphold these values across our organization:


Discipleship: Accept and spread the good news of Jesus Christ

Witness: by our words and actions we prove and testify Christ is our Lord & Savior

Stewardship: Behaving responsibly and making the most of God's blessings

Respect: Value and respect each other, partners, & those we serve

Integrity: Do the right things for the rigth reasons

Open Communication: Effectively exchange ideas and information

Empowerment: Enable each other to take action

Continuous Improvement: Strive to continually improve what we do and the impact we make






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PO Box 27154, Omaha NE  68127

PO Box 413, Blantyre 3, Malawi, Africa