A Lighted Path Malawi


Matt and Heidi Carlson

Matt and Heidi Carlson live in Omaha, NE and have been a part of A Lighted Path from the beginning.  Matt is the president and Heidi operates as the secretary.  Heidi works for One Whole Heart Ministry doing inner healing and training people in the ministry.  They have three children; Julia, Dean and Eleanor.  Matt works full-time as a mechanical engineer and project manager.  He volunteers his time to A Lighted Path.  Their family is passionate about following Christ’s lead and willing to do anything He asks. 

Katie Frankl, Treasurer

Katie Frankl is the treasurer of A Lighted Path. She is married to Bobby and has a son, Jase and a daughter, Reese. Katie works as the business manager for Essentials Natural Family Health and has graciously come along to assist A Lighted Path with our finances.
Katie has a heart for children and loves to put her time and resources into an organization that focuses on two things dear to her; God and kids!