Special Needs Support



We are so blessed to be partnering with Way Ministries in Malawi to bring light and encouragement to 21 families with disabled children in the township of Ndirande. These families have been cast out of their respective communities due to their children having disabilities which can be viewed as being a curse. Likewise, the majority of the mothers have been abandoned by their husbands due to the challenges and have to support themselves and in most cases multiple other children. This has to be done while the ability to leave the house is extremely difficult if not impossible without leaving the child at home either on the bed or floor for the entire day to find a job for the day if there are fortunate. Despite the challenges these people are amazing and can see hope. They are being visited weekly by two amazing ladies from Way Ministries who treat their children with Physiotherapy and most recently due to our teachings are brining words of encouragement from scripture to point them to Jesus as the giver of all good things and their personal savior. We have hopes to bring even greater things for these wonderful families by starting an independent center for them to visit to receive a meal daily, more frequent therapy, group bible study, as well as continued support to help them manage their current situations to not just survive but thrive. Please pray for us as we continue to move forward with this opportunity to bring love and breakthrough into situations that seem hopeless and lost.


Picture: We provided all 21 families with food and other needed items to last them for the entire month of November if not longer

Please feel free to visit Way Ministries website: www.malawimontessoriproject.org


Spiritual Mentorship



In addition to the Special Needs program, we are also building up the teachers and staff members of Way Ministries in the word to help them grow spiritually and encourage them to love their students and people that they care for like Jesus and also understand the fullness of God’s love for them. We are providing bi-weekly teachings related to topics such as prayer, spiritual warfare, and forgiveness/reconciliation. It has been great to see the growth in faith and understanding, and also very encouraging. Additionally, we have been helping them with structure in their morning prayers and worship by helping them be more intentional and trust in God with real things that are direct and measurable. Please pray that this would continue to grow and that their faith and identity would spill into their lives outside of work and into their spheres of influence to change this nation for the glory of God!

Picture: Trevor congratulating a child on doing well and encouraging all of the kids to do well in their schooling and that they can do even greater things with Jesus. 

College Sponsorship



We believe that education and a relationship with Christ are the keys to break the curse of poverty and hopelessness in the nation of Malawi and around the world.  It is for this reason in partnership with the Jacaranda Foundation we are starting a program to sponsor orphaned children that have graduated and done very well on their exit exam and been accepted by a university. We have found that there are so many children that excel in school but have no means to further their education. We want to empower these children to not only themselves become productive but also help their fellow Malawians to succeed and continue the cycle of pulling themselves out of the situation they are in by using their God given talents to bring breakthrough in the name of Jesus. We will be mentoring these children in our home to help them succeed in life as well as school and see that Jesus has given them this opportunity and that they have the authority to use it and make a huge impact for the entire nation. Please pray for us as we start this program and our goal to grow youth to bring the kingdom of heaven that it would be fruitful and bring breakthrough for the Kingdom of heaven. If you would like to donate to sponsor a child it costs around $1000 to put a child through one year of college and this includes living expenses, please visit our donation page and give as you feel led. God Bless!

Please feel free to visit the Jacaranda Foundation website: www.Jacarandafoundation.org

Orphan School Support



Through the generous donations of the children at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Omaha, we have been able for the past two years support Mercy Montessori Primary school. This school has over 60 children that are either orphan or in a vulnerable situation at home and would likely be struggling for even one meal a day. However, because of the generosity of these children and with the help of their parents we have provided to them all the maize they need to feed all of the children twice a day, five times a week. Please pray for additional opportunities to help this school in the future and provide meals and education to those that in other circumstances would never have had a chance to receive it. 

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