2020 has been a year of transitions for everyone.  There is not a single person that hasn't faced transition this year.  Our family is no different!  We have spent the last 8 months practicing patience and trusting God's timing on His plan for our life and ministry.  We finally feel like God has made our next chapter clear and we are stepping forward.

We are officially moving back to the states and we will not be going back to Costa Rica.  This was not an easy decision but one we feel confident about and have so much peace about.  We will continue to work within the vision of families, healthy marriages and families, retreat based ministry, and more.  Our newest addition is Foster Care!



Foster Care Ministry

I don't think we ever imagined being in the position so quickly.  3.5 years has gone by so quickly and our family looks so much different since we first started this journey.  God took us to Costa Rica as a training ground.  He wanted to prepare us for what was coming next and the best place and best situation for our family was to remove us from all things comfortable and ask us the questions "are we ready?"  We just didn't envision it the way it turned out.  We are thankful we didn't fight him on this but chose to be obedient and trust in His timing and His leading.  

What does Foster Care Ministry mean?  Within the context of our family and ministry we will be partnering with the biological parents of those children who have been taken away from their birth parents and been put into the foster care system because of circumstantial or poor choices the biological parents have made.  Everyone deserves a second chance...even us...even christians.  Heck Jesus died on the cross of us so that we might have a second chance.  Our vision is to partner with these parents who have a desire to change their circumstances and become healthier not only mentally and emotionally but most importantly spiritually.  We will be working with them specifically to have healthier marriages and to be better parents.  Most of these individuals have never been given the opportunity to change.  Thats where we feel we are being called.  There are very few resources available to these parents as most of the resources go towards the children (rightfully so).  What if kids where able to go back to their parents and live a life together as God intended and what  testimony to share to those who are lost and searching?  

There are additional components we want to share as well but will spare the details.   A part of this ministry will involve transitional housing and retreats to serve these families.  There is also a separate ministry that we will be moving forward on that is a focus on family ministry carried out through quarterly retreats that will be offered to families.  Those four areas are: Healthy Marriages, Biblical Parenting, Being better fathers/mothers, and the Family as a core.  There is a lot to be done still and even more to share but these are some of the key areas we are focusing on as well as a Gap Year program and retreat center for missionaries/church workers who need a place to recoup and recharge.

You might be asking yourselves where all this will take place.  Well we feel God is asking us to search for property/acreage.  This will be a key piece to our ministry as we move forward.  It will be large enough to have all these aspects of ministry on plus our family living full-time on it.  As we move forward we will begin to share more details and plans.  We hope to document it all through videos so you can share in the excitement with us.  

We are currently selling our stuff in Costa Rica, including our vehicles and trying to get our remaining stuff back here to the states.  We took our life down with us and there are a few things we would love to have back here.  Please be praying for us.  Be praying for God to provide the families that need this change in their lives to start living as a family together, and for God to provide the right property for this big endeavor.  

We are also in the process of changing organizations.  This is a big step for us.  If you are a financial supporter of ours our would like to start being one, be on the look out for an email in the next few days on how to make that switch from "Christ for the City" to "A Lighted Path" (our new organization).  Our hope is that starting December 1st you will be able to send your donations to "A Lighted Path."  If you would like to talk more just send us a quick email with a good phone number and a time that would work for you.  

Blessings to each and everyone of you!!

We are so thankful for each of you.  We are in the process of contacting you all and sharing with you this news.  In the meantime if you are a financial supporter, keep an eye for our next email for instructions on how to switch your giving to our new organization.